Top Mount Pool Fence

30/09/2013 •

The X1-Series Top Fixed Balustrade/Pool Fence system is designed to fix to the floor of the balcony, landing or stair structure, whether it be the concrete slab or lightweight framing.

Where fixing into timber floor framing, both fixings to each stanchion need to be into the same joist, or nogging which has a rigid connection between joists.

This balustrade system is suitable for use on; houses, residential buildings and offices with the T4650 top fix stanchion and is particularly suitable for pool fencing fixing down onto a timber deck.

This system is suitable for use on pool fences or any balustrade not protecting a fall greater than 1m. An interlinking handrail is required for all balustrades protecting a fall greater than 1m

How to Specify this configuration

For a project specific specification in word format and project specific CAD files please contact our design team on 07 3272 4599 or email us who will be more than happy to assist.

Alternatively the following generic specification for this configuration can be copied and pasted:


01 Location

Where shown on the drawings.

02 Materials

System: THUMP ARCHITECTURAL FITTINGS ‘X1 Series’ – with top mounted X1TM stanchions with toughened glass glazed infill panels. Glass mounted to internal face of stanchion.

Contact: Anthony Newman T: 07 3272 4599 or email us

Infills: 10mm minimum thick (subject to project specific Thump engineering) Grade A toughened clear safety glass 1500mm maximum width with heights AFFL and spacings as per drawings and manufacturers recommendations. Pre-drill glass for brackets to supports and handrails and finish glass with smooth corners and edges to meet NCC requirements. If the top of the glass is over 5 metres above the ground below then it must also be “heat soaked”.

Supports: 2 No minimum stainless steel flat supports sized by manufacturers engineer to each glass panel and top mounted to substructure.

Finish: All stainless steel to be 316 grade, and shall have pre-assembly ‘Linished Finish’ to maximum 0.5 Ra, with post-assembly electro polished finish to all external applications.

03 Installation

Install in accordance with the manufactures recommendations and to meet AS1170, AS1170.1, AS1288-2006 and AS1428 where required. Allow for installation by THUMP.

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